VICI Gelateria & Café

10 Dundas Street East, B104

Toronto, Ontario  M5G 2G9

Tel: (416) 977-8424

Fax: (905) 383-0828




Job Description




Position               Junior Manager                          Location:                  Toronto Life Square, Toronto, Ontario                         

Accountable to            General Manager                 Salary/pay grade                          $11.65 per hour +                                  

[ x]  35 – 40 hrs/wk     [  ] 20 – 35  hrs/wk     [  ] less than 20 hrs/wk

[ x]  Days                   [ x] Evenings                                [ x] Weekends



Job summary

The Junior Manager is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the business.  He supervises the operations of all employees and is responsible for the success of the business.  Second in command to the General Manager, he is primarily responsible to meet the company’s focus on exceptional customer service, he must foster the creation of a fun and relaxing environment for all of our customers.  He or she is knowledgeable of all of the products and is able to answer all of customer’s questions on the products and services offered.  He or she also assists in maintaining product quality and a clean and esthetically immaculate product display.   The Junior Manager is also primarily responsible for the production of gelato and maintenance of inventory of gelato product.


Responsibilities/daily tasks

Managerial Functions

·         Provides exceptional customer service


Gelato Production Functions




·         High school diploma required



Relation of the position to others in the company